Each Motee Maids gown is hand beaded in India, learn how?

This is how we store the Motee Beads.....yes there is a whole room of beads!

This is how we store the Motee Beads.....yes there is a whole room of beads!

Each Motee gown is made to order just for you!  It has never been tried on by anyone else and is hand crafted by a passionate team in India.  Here's how... 


The first step towards creating your gown is the making of the Khaka.  A sort of embellishment blue print that is hand drawn on paper.  Each style, each size and each embellishment pattern has a Khaka.  You can image how many we have! 


Next tiny holes are punched along the pattern lines to allow a washable blue dye to seep through and trace the pattern onto the fabric.  The fabric is stretched across a wooden frame and 2 craftsmen, usually men, sit on each side of the frame and with a long needles embroider the design onto the fabric.  Each bead is individually sewn on and some styles have over 6000 beads!




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Once the fabric is embroidered, it is cut to size and along with the other pattern pieces sewn together by our expert tailors into your beautiful finished garment.  Gowns are checked on a tailors dummy to see if there are any loose threads or breakages in embellishments which are repaired by hand, usually by a female team.  The gowns are finely steamed and packed with great care to be sent to your bridal boutique who will again do a final steam and check to ensure your gown is perfect for collection! 

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