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We go from UK size 6 to 22.

Yes we do. All styles can be ordered with extra length, how long depends on which skirt you order.

Sequin Sash Collection - available in Regular and Long

Fully Beaded and Lyra Skirt - available in Short, Regular and Long

Original Collection - available in Regular and Long

Yes all boutiques have cuttings of each colour which you can take away with you to match flowers, shoes etc. Alternatively fill in the form on our contact page to have a cutting sent out to you.

No, as each dress is custom made to order and with the 1000s of options available we like you to be able to see and try on the gowns in our wonderful stockists.

The stylists in the boutiques will guide you through the process of creating your gown and ensure you order the correct size and length. They can order for bridesmaids that are not present and will advice how to accurately take their measurements.

We deliver monthly to boutiques so it can range between 7 and 14 weeks. It is best to check with your boutique and to leave at least 14 weeks. Faster rush orders may be available at boutiques discretion.

In the UK -

Sequin Sash Collection - £180

Original Create Your Gown Collection - £195 - £270 this depends on which style and embellishment you choose. The average is £235

Fully Beaded Collection - from £320

Gowns are available to order from some of the finest Bridal Boutiques in the world. Please check out the Stockists page for a list of retailers

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